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Happy Feet Academy is proud to offer the app based software called Brightwheel as an interactive tool and resource that makes caring for your child and keeping you updated on your precious little ones a more economic and environmentally friendly process for all! Happy Feet contracts with Brightwheel to offer families the unique ability to see right into their child's day no matter where they may be and provides unique options for paying tuition electronically, and communicating directly with teachers on any given day!


We are so excited to share some additional things that Brightwheel has to offer:

- Daily Updates: Real-time feed of activities throughout the day!

- Photos: Watch your child's day unfold with snapshots of your child delivered right to your phone!

- Digital Check In: Easy digital check-in with personal passcodes. Add approved adults to pick up your child, and see when your child is checked in or out.

- Paperless Billing: Digital payments directly from your bank account or credit/debit card. Paperless invoices and email receipts. Split payments between two or more people if needed!

- Community: Invite grandparents, nannies, and friends – with control over what they can do and see on Brightwheel.

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