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While we would love to accept every child who would like to enroll at Happy Feet Academy, we are currently at full capacity at our main campus. 

Please sign up for our waitlist and we will contact you when an opening becomes available. To ensure we can get in touch with you please leave us as much information on the waitlist forms as possible. 

Infant Program

30 days - 12 months

Our infant program focuses on the earliest stages of development. We emphasize attachment, safety, and infant lead needs. Strategies like infant-lead feeding and sleeping schedules are employed to make our infant classroom feel as much like home as possible. We strive to create a welcoming environment that encourages infants to develop motor, language, and social skills. This provides a great foundation for continued development throughout their early childhood adventure at Happy Feet Academy.


Safety and Training

Our team is comprised of highly educated and qualified teachers. Each team member has been background checked, fingerprinted, and is certified in First Aid, CPR, Blood Borne Illnesses, and Safe Sleep Practices. We also have a registered nurse inspect our infant environment monthly to ensure safety, prevention of illness spreading, and cleaning practices.


Parent Partnerships

Here at Happy Feet Academy we believe in fostering the healthiest relationship with parents. We strive to achieve this relationship by implementing the following policies:

  • Parent-Teacher conferences held every six months. 

  • We track daily feeding, diapering, and napping data and enter this information into the Brightwheel app so you get real time updates about your child’s day.  

  • We have an open-door policy and invite parents to visit the center anytime. This includes working together to find a schedule that works for mother and baby should you choose to continue breastfeeding. We are also willing to store & feed breast milk via bottle if your child is not formula fed. Please see the parent handbook for more information about our infant feeding options.

Toddler Program

12-36 months

We have designed our toddler program in a way to facilitate new development in personality, expression, and mobility. This age group is very foundational time when children grow out of infant hood and into a developmental season where they are learning independence. Our teachers encourage toddlers to achieve tasks that they can do with a little cheer leading and provide nurturing attentiveness to tasks that toddlers are not able to do independently. We also incorporate sign language into lessons so children who are still developing language skills can communicate in other effective ways!



We provide a bright, safe, and educational classroom environment for our toddlers. It includes a spacious classroom with age appropriate manipulative equipment and toys to encourage new little walkers as they continue to develop physically.


Safety and Training

Our teachers are highly educated, trained in development, and effective ways to interact and communicate with toddlers. Every staff person is First Aid, CPR and Blood Borne Pathogens certified. Every classroom teacher/assistant teacher also has his or her food handler’s permit.



Happy Feet Academy takes great pride in effective communication and collaboration with parents and families. We provide the following to ensure this communication is upheld:

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences twice yearly

  • We work hard to learn students and parents names and build personal relationships with each and every family

  • We post lesson plans and menus weekly so you can stay informed about our daily routines

  • We also have an open door policy and encourage all parents to visit the center at anytime to participate and observe.